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Votable discussion boards for classrooms. Allows teachers, students, and parents to participate in votable class discussions, all safely moderated and controlled.

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Push to Classroom

Google Chrome extension that allows teachers to instantly share any link to their Google Classroom classes as an announcement or an assignment.

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Make a free timeline right in your browser. Allows students to chronologically order historical, literary, or nonfiction events in a beautiful visual timeline. They can be shared, edited, downloaded, printed, or exported to Google Drive.

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A free translation service in a browser. Helps language learners by only translating the nouns and verbs in a sentence. Helps language learners move between languages more easily.

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Fast, free tool to scan text for difficult words and provide definitions/synonyms for those words. Particularly helpful for language learners and beginning readers.

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Your Idea!

TDPJ believes that teachers, students, parents, administrators, etc. often have the best ideas for useful EdTech tools. Is there a tool you'd like to use in your classroom, but you don't know how to make it? Let us know, we'll make it!

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No ads, subscriptions, or fees

Free forever

Teachers don't pay Jeff is a bunch of EdTech tools made by Jeff Maxim and Emily Barker. They're completely free, because we think teachers, students, and schools should have access to quality, free web tools.

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Made by real life teachers

Who are Jeff and Emily?

Jeff Maxim and Emily Barker made Teachers don't pay Jeff. They're real life, NYC, public school teachers who know how to code. They wanted to share free EdTech tools with other teachers, so they made these!

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Open to feedback

Always adding more tools!

We want to make stuff that you want to use! Have an idea for a free EdTech tool that you want? Let us know!

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Get in touch with us

Do you love Teachers don't pay Jeff? Hate it? Have a question? Let us know :)


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